Episode 1: Jenell sets Paul straight as they discuss their one-of-a-kind wedding on Good Morning America, newlywed life, buying a house, a dog (maybe!), and planning a family!

Jenell and Paul: Confessions of a married couple

Episode 2: Bill Patterson-Bill is a director, producer, writer, and creative mind. He is author of the book "11 Awkward Moments During Cheap Haircuts" and is married with an 11-year-old daughter, German exchange student, and cats. As always, Jenell sets Paul straight!

Episode 3: Dominic Luongo and Rob Imbs. Fellow actor and longtime friend of Paul Spitale's, Dominic Luongo has made a Buffalo name for himself. As owner of Queen City Escape Room and Struck Down Entertainment, Dom knows his way around success. Just as successful, filmmaker Rob Imbs shot the independent feature film "Game Changers," a drama/comedy about two video-gamers who are approaching their late twenties. They both star in the new series "Fart Force" which premieres on Adult Swim on Friday, January 20th, 2017. Details at fartforce.net. Poor Jenell is surrounded by ridiculous puns, testosterone, and superhero/star wars debates as she sets them all straight once again in this hilarious podcast "Married in Buffalo."